List of servicing and repairing items

Japan Aviation Electronics Industrial LCD Display

Pourtier Assistance Freinage

Silverson Laboratory Mixer Emulsifier

Heizbank Heating equipment

MBLC & SBLC Communication PCB for Building Control System

Buehler Isomet Low Speed Saw

DC Motor Driver PCB

Master & Slave Inkscrew Card for Printing Industries

MEG Carte Piussance DLC Brake PCB

RE16 Drill

Labcone Modular Photonics

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Keithley 617 Programmable Electrometer

Loom Belt Control PCB

Sauter PCB

Frequency Inverter – Fuji, ABB, Panasonic etc

Zumboch Electronic AG PCB

ABB HITE – various type


Styrkonsult AB PCB

Intra-Oral X-Ray unit

Trunet PCB

Multitest Industrial Touch PC

Prostyle Compact Dental unit Instrument Multiplexer

Ammult PCB

Foil Controller

Infra-red Controller unit & Sensor

Display Interface PCB

Elemac PCB